Food-delivery workers in New York set to earn $18 minimum wage next month and ore drivers under 30 are falling behind on car payments


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‘This is something huge for us’: Food-delivery workers in New York set to earn $18 minimum wage next month

Uber, DoorDash and Grubhub are not pleased with the outcome, which they call “extreme” — while some worker advocates say the city fell short. Read More

‘Remote work doesn’t work’: David Sacks, ex-PayPal executive, blasts working from home as ‘lifestyle’

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon said back in 2021 that working remotely “doesn’t work for those who want to hustle.” Read More

Americans haven’t felt this confident about house prices since July 2022, despite high interest rates. What gives?

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s latest survey gives fresh insight into how consumers feel about the trajectory of the housing market. Read More

My wife owns her mother’s home. It’s in terrible shape, so we want to sell. Can we avoid capital-gains tax?

‘She’s not in good health, and my wife wants to sell the property.’ Read More

Homeowners desperately need easier and better mortgage refinancing tools

Millions of Americans didn’t refinance their mortage when rates were low. Now they’re paying the price. Read More

First-time home buyers: Here’s how to take on the biggest challenges you face in this real estate market

Homes were listed at an average 5.5 times first-time buyer income, according to an analysis of the first quarter of the year—too much for most new buyers Read More

Check out the all-new, roomy Lexus TX 3-row SUV

The Lexus Texas? It may be a fitting name for this big, new, luxury fullsize SUV crossover. Here’s the lowdown on models, pricing, tech and when you can get one Read More

More drivers under 30 are falling behind on car payments, Fed says

More Americans under 30 are behind on their car payments than at any point since the 2007-09 recession, according to the Federal Reserve. Read More


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