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AI: Kelly Jones criticises technology in songwriting

The Welshman said he had not realised until attending the Ivor Novello Awards that AI technology was being increasingly used to “finish off people’s songwriting”.

“I’m not against forward-thinking technology and how things are progressing, but I think art should come from people, I mean the basics of it anyway,” he said.

“I think art has always been somebody’s expression, a real person’s expression from a heart, from a head.

“If you’re going to start an idea, then a computer finishes it, I mean, it’s OK, but it’s just about algorithms and things like that.”

Jones added: “I’m [also] not really into 10 songwriters on a song.

“It’s like if you’re making a painting, you’ve got 10 painters chucking paint on a canvas. I mean, whose painting is it anymore?”

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