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Biden administration considers crackdown on AI tools such as ChatGPT

The Biden administration is edging toward rules on artificial-intelligence tools such as ChatGPT over fears the technology could be used to spread falsehoods and discrimination.

On Tuesday, the Commerce Department issued a formal public request for comment on accountability measures for technology that includes potentially risky new AI models. Such models would be required to go through a certification process before they are released.

The quasi-regulation of AI comes amid a wave of developments in the technology by nearly every major company. Developers and customers are lauding AI’s accuracy in analyzing reams of data and vastly improving operational efficiencies.

But critics warn that tools like ChatGPT — much like any new technology — can be misused to commit crimes or spread harmful misinformation.

Tesla Inc.

Chief Executive Elon Musk and hundreds of other tech leaders have called for a six-month moratorium on the development of systems more powerful than GPT-4, the version of OpenAI’s chatbot released about a month ago. They warned that an arms race between OpenAI, in which Microsoft Corp.

has a sizable stake, and Alphabet Inc.’s


Google was escalating without adequate management or planning for potential risks.  

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