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Coronation concert: Katy Perry and Take That gear up to perform

Tickets were allocated by Ticketmaster via a public ballot, but there was some controversy last month after some members of the public mistakenly believed they’d won tickets after receiving a confusingly-worded email from the company. Ticketmaster emailed some applicants to say they had been “successful in the ballot for a pair of standing tickets”. However, in order to claim the tickets, fans had to click on the link included in the email order to redeem them. By the time many fans saw the email and clicked through, they were disappointed to discover they had all gone. Those who found they were in fact not successful, despite initially believing they had been, went on to vent their frustration and disappointment on social media. A Ticketmaster spokesman said at the time: “Today, any unclaimed tickets were released on a first-come, first-served basis to those who had previously applied to the ballot and were unsuccessful. These inevitably went very quickly.” The company added that tickets which had been secured in the first two rounds were guaranteed.

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