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These money and investing tips keep you up to speed with the market


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Beating the 4% rule in retirement has become even easier

The potential of a ladder of individual TIPS. Read More

As S&P 500 hits 2023 highs, it’s all systems go for stock market bulls

If the S&P 500 moves through resistance at 4630, the next target is the all-time high above 4800. Read More

As inflation cools, here’s how investors can move money back into stocks and bonds

The days of money-market and CD yields of 5%-plus may soon be over. Read More

Why the AI stock frenzy looks disturbingly like the PC and dot-com booms — and busts

Technology that can change the world, but no one knows yet who will win. Read More

Should Twitter have rejected Musk’s offer and remained publicly traded?

New research questions whether companies in fact do better when private Read More

Bond ETFs just hit the $2 trillion mark, could triple by 2030, says BlackRock

Investors’ appetite for exchange-traded funds that buy bonds has pushed assets to a level that BlackRock sees tripling by the end of the decade. Read More

These are now the hot cryptocurrencies for crime

Bitcoin has been displaced by thousands of newer rivals, says a new report. Read More

These 5 fast-growing stocks pay generous dividends you can count on

What’s not to like about companies with double-digit revenue growth and more than a 2% yield? Read More

Worried that stocks are too expensive? This value approach can highlight bargains.

Aaron Dunn of Eaton Vance highlights his stock selections for quality and value. Read More

This critical support for stocks is no longer propping up the market

The bullish presidential election year cycle is post-peak. Read More

Why gold will beat the stock market in the coming weeks

Gold and gold mining stocks are once again poised for a significant rally. Read More


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